Training Related

Q: How often do I get to train?
A: This is dependant on the tour, in most cases you will train at least twice a day.

Rest assured – there will be plenty of training time! Please see the detailed itinerary for specific details of each tour.

Q: Do we have private sessions with the coaches?
A: Yes. Private sessions have been arranged for the WOD Tours group only. .

Q: What if I do not want to take part in all training sessions?
A: We encourage you to take part in all sessions to get the most out of the tour, but you can opt out of a session at any time.

Q: I am new to CrossFit® and cannot perform all movements. Can I still join the Tour?
A: Yes. Like any CrossFit® session, all workouts will be scaled to your experience. You must however be healthy and able to take part.

Q: Do I need to undertake a medical before joining the Tour?
A: No. All participants in the tour will be required to complete waiver forms, and it is your responsibility to be fit and able to take part in the tour..

Q: Do we get to pick the type of training we do as part of a WOD Tour?
A: In most cases, the programming has been already arranged however, the group might be asked from time to time if there is a particular movement that they want to work on.

Q: What happens if I get injured or sick during the Tour? Do I get a refund?
A: No. We do advise that you take Travel Insurance.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: You should bring adequate training gear that you would usually use for everyday training. It is not the responsibility of the host venue or WOD Tours to provide any personal equipment you might require.

Don’t forget to you will have the opportunity to buy T-shirts etc. from the CrossFit gyms you visit.

General Booking and Payments

Q: Do I have to pay in full at time of booking?
Yes. Payment is required in full via the website unless otherwise states.

Q: How does the Group Discount work?
A: To take advantage of the Group Booking Discount, you must nominate a group leader. The group leader will be responsible for payment, and arranging the group.

Q: How can I pay for my Tour?
A: We will take payment using the following methods:
Direct Deposit
Money Order

Q: Are there any fees for changing my booking?
A: Yes. $150 per change.

Q: What if I have to cancel my booking, am I entitled to a refund?
A: In the event that you have to cancel your booking, we will issue a refund as per the following guidelines:

For 3 day semimar tours, there is NO REFUND available, but places can be transferred.

For all other tours:

A Full refund will be issued for monies paid, minus the deposit, up to 12 weeks from making your booking.
No refund will be issued for monies paid where the cancellation is less than 12 weeks prior to departure.
If your booking is made less than 12 weeks to departure, you are not entitled to a refund.
You must read the Terms and Conditions before paying your deposit.

The athletes listed on all tours are subject to change.  Should the line up change, that does not meet your expectations a full refund will be applied

Longer Tours (Accommodation included).

Q: What type of accommodation will be staying in?
A: You will stay in 3 -4 Star accommodation.

Q: Will I be sharing with someone?
A: Yes. Accommodation will be twin share and will be Male/Male and Female/Female. If you join as a group, or couple different configurations can be arranged. If you would prefer to stay on your own, you can pay a ‘single supplement’ which will enable you to have your own room.

Q: Is breakfast included?
A: Yes. You only have to pay for lunch and dinner while on the Tour.

Q: I have special dietary requirements, what do I need to do?
A: If you have any special dietary requirements, you can let us know as part of your registration for the Tour.
Q: Is WOD Tours a licensed Travel Agent?
A: No. WOD Tours does not provide services provided by a Travel Agent. We coordinate training at CrossFit® centres on behalf of people who train CrossFit®. If you are interested in arranging flights, please contact your travel agent.

Disclaimer: WOD Tours is an event company that coordinates CrossFit® training experiences. WOD Tours is not a licensed travel agent All enquiries relating to flights should be directed to a licensed travel agent.

WOD Tours is not part of CrossFit® HQ, and will not at any time attempt to represent the opinions, or company position of CrossFit HQ.

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